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Desert Tech HTI - .50 BMG, 29", BLK/FDE

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Desert Tech HTI - Hard Target Interdiction

The Desert Tech HTI (Hard Target Interdiction) rifle was designed and built at specific military customer request to provide extreme long range accuracy with irrevocable penetration. Easily convertible between multiple big-bore calibers, the HTI is accurate to 2,000+ yards with any of its chamberings. Whether you're stopping light-skinned vehicles or extending personal-best distance records, the HTI provides extreme distance capabilities in the most compact, accurate and convertible package on earth. 


  • Compact - The perfectly balanced bullpup configuration of the HTI makes it 11 inches shorter and 11 pounds lighter than the M107 currently in use by the US Army.
  • Accuracy - The HTI maintains exceptional accuracy because of its match-grade (free-floated) barrels, chambers and crowns, a high-quality match trigger, and solid return-to-zero barrel mounting system.
  • Convertible - The HTI offers four powerful calibers to suit specific mission requirements. Caliber conversions for the HTI take sixty seconds and use the same HTI chassis with its free floated barrels and patented return-to-zero barrel mounting system.
  • Recoil Pad - The recoil pad is raised to position the shooter's shoulder above the bore line in order to minimize muzzle rise and the pad is soft enough to allow long strings of fire with large caliber cartridges like the .50 BMG.
  • Adjustable Length of Pull - Users can quickly adjust length of pull by adding or removing multiple 1/2 inch spacers with our proprietary lever locking system.
  • Monopod - Our patent-pending monopod is the fastest actuating device of its kind. Just pull down on the knurled thumb wheel to engage the spide for rapid elevation modification and then spin the wheel right or left for find adjustment.
  • Cheek Piece - Our non-slip cheek piece adjusts up or down and securely locks into place via two screws and locking ribs ensure it doesn't come out of adjustment.
  • Telescopic Bolt - Our bolt utilizes a 60 degree bolt throw for fast manipulation. It's collapsible design allows the rifle length to be extremely short.
  • Safety - The ambidextrous safety switch easily actuated from firing position.
  • Match Trigger - The match trigger is adjustable for travel, creep, location, and weight (1-3 lbs.)
  • Barrel Mounting System - Our patented barrel mounting system ensures consistent mounting & return-to-zero repeatability. Its five inch locking engagement reduces harmonic barrel whip of a 26" barrel to that of a 20" barrel which improves accuracy as a result. 
  • Handguard and Accessory Mounting - The free-floated hand-guard has six flush cup sling mounting points to choose from and also allows users to strategically place picatinny rails to optimize mounting of support accessories. 
  • Barrel - Stainless steel fluted match barrel. 
  • Muzzle Devices - Our patented muzzle devices are designed to increase accuracy, shooter recovery, and reduce recoil by 30-40%. Accuracy is improved because our designs immediately strip excess gases away from projectiles.


  • Caliber: .50 BMG
  • Capacity: 5
  • Action: Bolt Action
  • Barrel: 29" Stainless Steel Fluted Match
  • Twist: 1:15"
  • Safety: Ambidextrous
  • Trigger: 1-3 lbs., Adjustable for Creep, Travel, Location, and Weight
  • Overall Length: 45.37"
  • Weight: 20.05 lbs.

Part #: DT-HTI-BFD

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